Saving film, one stock at a time: Dean Bennici
In 2009 Kodak announced they would be suspending production of the colour infrared film Aerochrome, a decision that can be seen in the broader context of suspension announcements from Kodak and Fuji that often appear to come quicker then our ability to document and react to what we are actually losing.
For the next two months, artist Pio Abad will be the jotta online artist in residence.
REVISITED | Ilona Sagar
In 2010, Jotta invited artist Ilona Sagar to present a new work for an exhibition at The Hospital Club. We revisit the artist to see how the work she produced has developed and influenced more recent projects.
COLUMN | Attilia Fattori Franchini: Richard Sides
For her monthly column, Attilia Fattori Franchini focuses on artist Richard Sides and his two recent exhibitions at the Zabludowicz Collection and Seventeen Gallery.
RECOMMENDED READING | Patrick Coyle: Recommended Misreading
Having been invited to provide Jotta with a ‘reading list’ of publications that have inspired me in some way, I decided to collect together the books that I have used in performances over the past two years.
SOUND | [in sounds not chosen] | Felicity Ford
[in sounds not chosen] is a monthly insight into contemporary sound work via those embedded in its practice and research; a new collaboration between Jotta and SoundFjord.
DIGITAL | Ben Wheele: Decoration
Ben Wheele’s work is surreal, not quite of this world, and will without fail, grab your attention.
COLUMN | Attilia Fattori Franchini: Exhibition Recommendations
For the first post of her monthly column, independent curator, Attilia Fattori Franchini reviews Frieze and gives us her exhibition recommendations for the month.
NEWS | Oval Arts, Shutter Space
Jotta caught up with Programme Director, Seecum Cheung to discuss her intentions for this new project space in Hackney.
Jotta Curator Dave Charlesworth on Jotta's latest Editions Space in collaboration with Artspace
We talk to Jotta Curator Dave Charlesworth on how he approached the collaboration and choosing the works.
Jotta & Art Space Editions | Shinwook Kim
Shinwook Kim’s ‘The Night Watch’ series draws from his experiences as a night watchman during his military service in Korea. An ongoing attempt to recreate this experience, the process sees him carry out unrehearsed maneuvers through unknown landscapes resulting in an atmosphere of uncertainty and the uncanny.
NEWS | The Woodmill GP
Jotta visits the re-homed artist-run studio space and gallery, The Woodmill.
EXHIBITION | Notes on a Website.
Arcadia_Missa, Harry Burke and Marlie Mul discuss ‘XYMEMORY’.
Jotta & Art Space Editions | Kraggy
Kraggy is a London based illustrator with a background in photography and animation.
Jotta & Artspace Editions | Olenna Mokliak
Olenna Mokliak is a graduate of the former textiles BA at Goldsmiths and of Royal College printmaking, her practice is an intuitive process underpinned by drawing and the writing of poetry, abstract narrative and prose.
EXHIBITION | Turner Prize 2012
Named after a man whose work was contested as “indeterminate and wild”, this year’s Turner Prize is a true representation of its roots; featuring performance and film in a huge way, and with only a small nod to the 2D arts, 2012’s nominees are louder and livelier than ever.
EXHIBITION | Young London 2012
Young London 2012 showcases some of the best up-and-coming young London artists, whilst highlighting emerging trends and ideas within this new generation.
Jotta & Art Space Editions | Geoff Diego Litherland
Goldsmith’s graduate Geoff Diego Litherland’s oils show time warped from past through to a dystopian future. Idealised romantic landscapes are held up by increasingly fragile supports, pieced together from the debris of spacecraft, industrial structures and painterly remains.
Jotta & Art Space Editions | Bruce Ingram
Shortlisted for the Dazed / Converse Emerging Artist Award in 2011, Bruce Ingram’s works are dynamic and gestural, with ribbons of paper creating sculpted surfaces. Royal College of Art graduate Ingram sheds light on his recent works on canvas.
Superhuman: Exploring Human Enhancement Throughout the Ages
From Icarus to i-Limbs, Wellcome Collection?s summer exhibition takes a sporting moment to explore the extraordinary ways humans have sought to improve, adapt and enhance their body?s performance.