EXHIBITION | An Undelivered Postcard From The Edge Of The World

Jotta will be curating the Emerging Artists exhibition at the Affordable Art Fair, bringing together some of the most exciting and inspiring work being produced within the UK at this point in time.
Jotta are proud to be working with the affordable art fair for the fourth time. An undelivered postcard from the edge of the world is an exhibition survey of rising artistic talent from throughout the UK, it will showcase the work of artists emerging from art schools across the British Isles and provide an examination of some of the formal and conceptual concerns that occupy the artistic landscape today.

Through the work, in mediums ranging from photography to painting and sculpture, we will see a set of concerns that offer us a view of the world at its very limits, exploring tensions between ideologies and personal judgement, the show will consider a series of points at which the physical and the digital world intersect and explore fractured utopian landscapes and romantic idyll, drawn from dislocated memories and rich imagination.

An undelivered postcard from the edge of the world” features work by:

Alzbeta Jaresova
Alzbeta Jaresova’s practice incorporates both sculpture and drawing, creating work reminiscent of architecture proposals. Her work plays with notions of utopia vs. dystopia and reflects upon the relationship between architecture and political ideology.

Edith Bergfors
Finnish photographer Edith Bergfors’ work often consists of formal portrait photography. However, within these self-imposed constraints, she is capable of evoking intense intimacy without overbearing sentimentality. Her series My Father’s Brothers explores notions of fraternity within the organisational context of the Freemasons. 

Geoff Diego Litherland 
Litherland’s work explores the tension between the natural world and its grasping appropriation by human influence. It seeks to not only question our perception of and relationship to nature, but paintings’ historical and current role in that.

Hyun Joon E
E interprets threatening images from his childhood experiences/memories in Korea and attempts to convert them into peaceful artifacts. These works are realised with such things as collected ready-mades, sound installations and performance.

Iris Erlings
The aesthetic applied to Erlings’ images derives from her desire to realise the strength and splendour of femininity, satisfied through a visual interpretation of graphic forms and evocative of scientific, geoplogical and astronomic imagery.

Ishai Rimmer
Through the his painting practice Ishai Rimmer draws upon the banality of life, personal memories and landscapes he has left behind. These agrandised yet neutral spaces resist comfortable viewing and as certainty and clarity drop away to ambiguity, we are invited to consider new interpretations of the world.

Jessica Wilson
Jessica Wilson is an artist based in London. Currently studying at Turps Banana Art School after graduating from University College, Falmouth with an honours degree in Fine Art.

Kraggy is an illustrator with a background in photography and animation, and a keen eye for design. He uses hand-drawn and digital elements to create work of a playful nature. Often, he takes it through processes such as risograph and screen-printing, more recently experimenting in interaction work through web design.

Trevor Kiernander
Kiernander’s paintings, which take visual cues from both actual and virtual environments, explore relationships of space and the problematisation of the figure/ground relationship in painting.

Lauren O'Grady
Borrowing from languages already established in cinematography, model making, folklore, history, science fiction, modern sculpture, architecture, landscape and museology, O’Grady fabricates scenarios and artefacts.

James Thurgood
Thurgood’s practice is primarily concerned with the image: He is interested in making images that explore the building blocks of imagery and that allow us to question our relationship with imagery; how we analyse and understand it.

Olenna Mokliak
Olenna Mokliak’s practice is an intuitive process underpinned by drawing and the writing of poetry, abstract narrative and prose.

Micah Harbon
Building custom camera equipment, designing artificial environments, and experimental sound design, Micah Harbon aims to dissect the illusion of film.

Vikram Kushwah
Vikram’s work portrays an obvious surreal ambiguity, never escaping the romanticism associated with childhood or memories and daydreams in general.

Luke Turner
Turner's recent shows include Discussing Metamodernism at Galerie Tanja Wagner, Berlin, and his first solo exhibition, Annunciations at 18 HHG, London. He is also coeditor of Notes on Metamodernism, and in 2011 he published a metamodernist manifesto.

Joe Cruz
Cruz is fascinated with bold simple statements, as seen in political posters and advertising slogans. He uses bold lines, strong colours and graphical imagery. Simple and subversive messages play a key role within his work.

Sara Hibbert
Sarah Hibbert explores our emotional and physical connections with our environment, reinterpreting both actual and imagined space.

Minho Kwon
Kwon uses visual elements derived from architectural plans. Exploring themes of “past and present”, he hopes to reveal the internal structure of his subject matter as well as its surface.

Elena Gumeniuk
Through a layered process of screenprint, linocut and traditional 
and digital image making techniques, Gumeniuk explores themes of transformation and isolation.

Emma King
Emma King is a freelance graphic designer based in London. Her work has a strong focus on typography and lettering, and also includes editorial and book design.

Elena Damiani
The locations depicted by Damiani function both as retrospective portraits and as a prospective glimpse towards the future.

Anthony Zinonos 
Anthony has a visual eloquence and an amazing understanding of materials, allowing him to produce collage-based illustration that is both innovative and beautiful.
 "An undelivered postcard from the edge of the world" will be exhibited at Battersea Affordable Art Fair, between the 7th and 10th of March, 2013.  
Posted on
26 February 2013
By Phil & Rosie