Ones To Watch of 2011: Degree Show Specials

jotta trawls the degree show circuit eyes peeled for the rising stars of both art and design. Here are curator Ellen Greig and Design director Jane Trustram’s picks of teh finest work from this year’s crop of graduating students from London?s art and design colleges. A few of whom, we even ended up showing in jotta exhibitions!

This summer we published our degree show directory and partnered with A-N on a degree show special, ensuring

Darius Lambert
Wimbledon College of Art
Darius Lambert's paintings position the familiar and the domestic within an uncomfortable moment, suggesting a paradox between the habitual and the unknown.
Daria wa sinvited to exhibit in the jotta exhibition 810 Senses in September 2011

Jackson Sprague
Royal College Of Art, MA Sculpture
Jackson Sprague’s practice deconstructs exhibition display formats, drawing directly upon the relationship between wall-based object and sculptural three-dimensional form, thus questioning our relationship with images, objects, form and surface.

Jenny Ekholm
Royal College Of Art, MA Photography
Jenny Ekholm's HD 16mm transfer film 'The Fossil Forest - of time and things we cannot see' slowly exposes a stark greying landscape of rocks audibly swallowed in the static of the ocean. This cinematic narrative seems familiar, if not nostalgically apocalyptic, the unrealised expectation that Charlton Heston might just wander into shot.  

Joana BC
Slade School of Fine Art, MFA Painting
Joana BC's series of small drawings by ', poised somewhere between the off-the-wall imaginings of cartoonist Steve Bell and a plaintive anthropomorphism. The drawings are populated by people, rodents and other creatures alike, often in twee or chintzy interior settings. Nearby Joana has built a kind of Wendy House resembling one of these interiors, in which 2D elements interact with curtains and props in a bizarre ‘half-realisation’ of the world of her drawings.


Dan Cottrell
Graphic Design Communication, Chelsea College of Art and Design
Dan's work is engaging, witty, clever and mature. His project AWOL is a guide to getting lost, encouraging exploration and an increased awareness of your surroundings through a series of algorithmic walks. A true ideas based creative designer who has the practical skills to take his ideas and apply them proficiently. Dan was chosen to exhibit in emerge 2011.

Liam Viney
Interactive Media Design, Northumbria University
Liam's 3D interactive sculpture confidently uses Python, Processing and Arduino to create an engaging yet playful data visualiser. Taking place names and creating a live visualisation of the marine data taken from around the coast of the UK, a thoughtful and highly developed piece.


Emma Talbot
Graphic Design, University College Falmouth
Emma's thinking is outstanding, both thinking for design and thinking about design. Her concepts are considered and developed beyond the expected, in particular her set of RSA stamps that celebrates the accomplishments of women in British broadcasting, past and present. Each stamp has been informed and influenced in both design and final application by the BBC test card ‘F’, which is an original and recognisable piece of British broadcasting history.
Emma won a cash prize bursary to support an internship at Lewis Moberly/Pentagram.


Future Folk: Goldsmiths BA Graphic Design

From Work To Text: Criticism, Communication and Curation at Central Saint Martins 

Slade School of Art MAFA 2011 

Posted on
27 December 2011
By Ellen Greig and Jane Trustram