Jotta Live: Collage with Patterns with Hormazd Narielwalla

Hormazd Narielwalla is a collage maker working with tailoring patterns as his source materials. He interprets patterns as beautiful abstract shapes of the human form; transforming them into objects, artworks and artist books. Join this workshop to create your own artwork using this unique source material.

Thursday March 29th, 1pm - 2.30pm, £7.50 (covers materials)
2 Newburgh Street  London, W1F 7RD

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The process of transforming the flat pattern block into three dimensional form is an enduring source of inspiration. Anyone who has tried their hand at pattern cutting, or recalls family members or friends doing so, will appreciate the beauty of the paper pattern block. These flat shapes resembling puzzle pieces were traditionally assembled together to create a garment, here they are used as pieces of a puzzle which commuicate the human form.

Workshop structure:
Get to know the process of making an artwork using patterns

Making an abstract piece of art using tissue tailoring patterns.

You will be provided with tailoring patterns sourced from domestic markets in the east end of London, combined with craft materials, acetate, and photographs (anything you desire, which you will bring to the workshop - this could be from your personal archive or a found postcard, tear sheet, magazine etc).

Explore the power of structure, form, colour, negative space, positive space, interaction between objects, or interaction between texture, but most importantly respond to the shape of the patterns in front of you. An attempt to see their potential as a dynamic shape that can inspire you to go on and create things other than garments.

Materials provided: Tailoring patterns, a A1 mount board, some other paper - acetate and craft, sticky materials.
Materials to bring: Your found photography, scissors, drawing materials if you wish!

Hormazd Narielwalla’s practice explores bespoke patterns of deceased Savile Row customers as abstract forms of the human body. He divorces them from their tailoring context, viewing them as beautiful shapes in their own right. Foraging for forms in historic tailoring archives Narielwalla reveals previously untold stories, using photography, sketches and digital composition collages to create playful artworks.

As an Artist-In-Residence at bespoke Savile Row tailors Dege & Skinner, in 2008 Narielwalla produced Dead Man’s Patterns, a limited edition artist book, and in 2011 he authored The Savile Row Cutter – conversations with a Master Tailor, Michael Skinner.

Narielwalla has exhibited works across Europe, Australia and America. His engagement with tailoring archives earned him the first International Rector’s Scholarship from the University of Arts, London where he is a PhD candidate at London College of Fashion.

See more of his work here

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Posted on
29 March 2012
By Millie Ross